Intro to RJ (Racial & Restorative Justice)

In a world full of conflict and harm due:

  • systems of injustice and oppression
  • broken down (or non-existent) relationships across differences
  • over reliance on punishment as a way to solve conflict

Restorative Justice offers us a way forward.

Restorative Justice is a philosophy and set of practices rooted in Indigenous teaching that emphasize our interconnection by repairing relationships when harm occurs, while proactively building and maintaining relationships rooted in equity and trust to prevent future harm.

If you want to:

  • Become a Restorative Justice Practitioner
  • Build relationships rooted in equity and trust in your community
  • Help repair harm when there's conflict in your community
  • Use these practices to Dismantle "White Supremacy Culture" in your community 


Over the course of 3 hours of video lessons this course you will:

  • Learn the history of Restorative Justice including the indigenous roots of this work.
  • Examine how White Supremacy Culture harms all people by disconnecting us from ourselves & each other
  • Learn Restorative Justice Antidotes to White Supremacy Culture
  • Understand the basics of repairing harm with a Restorative Process
  • Create actionable steps for yourself to fight for equity, dismantle systems of oppression 
  • Integrate Restorative & Anti-Racist values into life long, internal, & external work.

You can't learn everything about Racial & Restorative Justice through watching lecture based videos, so this course also puts you in conversation with 10 RJ Practitioners from our community. They represent a multitude of identities, as well professions, so as they They'll share their experiences, learnings, and challenges, you're sure to find some commonality. 

There is infinite learning and work to do as we strive fore a more just and equitable world, but our hope is that this course plants a seed, and you'll continue growing in this work so we can build the movement that our communities need now and for future generations. 

[This product is built for individuals who are interested in learning on their own, if you're interested in signing up multiple people from your organization please reach out to for details]

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