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Intro to RJ (Racial & Restorative Justice)

In a world full of conflict and harm due:

  • systems of injustice and oppression
  • broken down (or non-existent) relationships across differences
  • over reliance on punishment as a way to solve conflict

Restorative Justice offers us a way forward.

Restorative Justice is a philosophy and set of practices rooted in Indigenous teaching that emphasize our interconnection by repairing relationships when harm occurs, while proactively building and maintaining relationships rooted in equity and trust to prevent future harm.

If you want to:

  • Become a Restorative Justice Practitioner
  • Build relationships rooted in equity and trust in your community
  • Help repair harm when there's conflict in your community
  • Use these practices to Dismantle "White Supremacy Culture" in your community 


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