ANCESTORS IN TRAINING: Preserving Our Histories, Sustaining Our Legacies!

ANCESTORS IN TRAINING: Preserving Our Histories, Sustaining Our Legacies!

“How can we understand that our time here is finite from a place that isn’t rooted in fear?”

Course Description:

Ancestors in Training is a living project and lived experience that centers sacred traditions, new technologies, intergenerational healing, and grief work.

Evolving with the times, AIT as a praxis examines how to apply the lessons of the past as a means to shape a better present and future for those that come after us. Through inquiry-based creative processes, critical race and media theories, and archival memory - the educational project allows all those who enter to leave with a better sense of self and how they relate to the world. 

With the recent past in mind; after all of the protests, the die ins, the callouts, the organizing and the other forms of activist labor are exhausted - how do we:

  • Show up for ourselves in a way that does not deplete us? 
  • Strike a balance between pausing and showing up so that we do not burn out?
  • Live lives that our descendants and the next seven generations can be proud of?
  • Walk with integrity in the face of an uncertain future? 

To be an Ancestor in Training requires taking inventory of how we will respond to and participate in the movements of our time and exploring how they can be in alignment in the present through creative expression. At the end of the course, participants will have the opportunity to share aspects of their ancestry and/or culture with one another and will be given the tools to start archiving their own family oral history. 

Course Rationale: 

During this course, participants will explore these questions through critical media studies, creative writing, discussion, and arts in a popular education framework. Through exploring and redefining healing, social justice, community care, the course will serve as a reminder to the participants to ensure that they are mindful of how and how often they are showing up for others, so that they can n turn show up for and lead others. Through navigating their past to design the future they want to live in, participants will be given additional ways to navigate the challenges of being an Ancestor in Training. 

Corse Outcomes:      

  • Participants will have a operational definition of intergenerational trauma, representation, ancestry, histories, healing justice, social justice, community care
  • Participants will explore the intersections of intergenerational trauma, representation, ancestry, histories, healing justice, social justice, community care in their lives and in their community.
  • Participants will use oral history techniques as a tool to archive their traditions and family histories
  • Participants will cultivate and develop their self-care and community care practices

Time and Location: Sundays, September 4-October 23, 9am-12pm Pacific/12-3pm Eastern on Zoom

Course Topics & Overview*

Week 1: Introductions + what’s an ancestor anyways?

  • Creating the container for learning

Week 2: Roots in a Modern Time

  • Where are your roots?
  • Lineages of Healing

Week 3: New and Old Traditions

  • Oral Histories
  • DNA and Ancestry Tests

Week 4: Discernment and Intuition 

  • What should be online and what should stay off?
  • How can we sharpen our intuition and stay protected?

Week 5: Sacred Technology

  • Sacred Activism
  • Reconciling Faiths

Week 6: Spelling is a Spell

  • Archiving your truths
  • Writing the future


Veronica Agard is a writer, educator, and connector at the intersections of Black identity, wellness, representation, and culture. She experiments with creative healing modalities and puts theories learned into practice. She has taught Ancestors in Training at the Sadie Nash Leadership Project and Mayday Space, and circled at El Museo del Barrio, Ethel's Club, the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, and the Allied Media Conference. Described as living in the future, Veronica is guided by the past, and carries out her dreams in the present.


In order to strike the balance of sustainability for the facilitators and accessibility for the community, you can engage in this course for a one-time payment of $500 or 4 payments of $125.


This course is open to people of the global majority (Black, Indigenous, people of color, including those of Asian, “Middle Eastern”, Latine, and mixed descent)

Community members of the global minority (White) are asked to stay tuned for future offerings :)

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