Restorative Justice Summer Intensive for Educators - Cohort 1B (Mon&Thurs) [Space for BIPOC only]

Restorative Justice Summer Intensive for Educators - Cohort 1B (Mon&Thurs) [Space for BIPOC only]

**This cohort is for BIPOC ONLY**
*Space is limited*
Course Dates: June 21 - July 15, 2021, Monday's and Thursdays, 9am-1pm PST

Last summer we worked with over 1,000 of you sharing this work on an intro level, but this year we want to go deeper! The "Restorative Justice Summer Intensive for Educators" workshop series guides you through ALL the Restorative Justice philosophy, practices, & values it will take to build habits of living from your core self as you take this work into your communities!

This blend of eight 4-hour live workshops and asynchronous pre-session learning will take you deep into proactive Restorative Practices and Processes while simultaneously building deep relationships with your fellow practitioners-in-training.

You'll be able to get continued support through the 2021-22 school year with monthly gatherings open to intensive learning participants so you can get support from your facilitators and peers doing this work. 

This intensive program will help you:

  • Experience the process of building authentic relationships and community as a means to learning how to cultivate a Restorative Community rooted in equity and trust at your school or place of work.
  • Foster deeper self-awareness to see the role you play in causing harm by upholding White Supremacy Culture and the areas that need unlearning,  healing, and re-socializing.
  • Build skills that lean toward humanizing yourself and others while restoratively addressing instances of harm and repairing your personal, professional, and communal relationships.

By diving deep into processes of:

  • Co-Creating Vulnerable Space
  • Getting Rooted in Restorative Mindsets
  • Owning Your Values & Intersectional Identity
  • Enhancing Emotional Intelligence & Resilience
  • Healing Personal & Racialized Trauma
  • Communicating for Authentic Connection
  • Restoring Relationships & Repair Harm

see an overview of the curriculum here

Live sessions will be 9am-1pm Pacific Time on the following dates: [Space for BIPOC only]

  • Monday, June 21st
  • Thursday, June 24th
  • Monday, June 28th
  • Thursday, July 1st
  • *Tuesday, July 6th*
  • Thursday, July 8th
  • Monday, July 12th
  • Thursday, July 15th

*Sessions are recorded, but attendance is HIGHLY recommended!*

The first two parts of asynchronous learning are available now, the rest will be released weekly during the cohort.

Monthly community gatherings start in September.


  • 12 payments of $99
  • 6 payments of $179 SAVE 10%
  • 1 payment of $999 SAVE 15%

If you need an invoice/purchase order for your organization please contact us at

9 Modules


Co-Creating Vulnerable Space

You made it to the first day!

Here's the link to our first session together
Day 1: Co-Creating Vulnerable Space


Here is our Group Values, which will be reflected in our slideshows from here on out.

Here is the Self/Community Care Matrix we worked on.

Restoring Relationships and Repairing Harm pt. 1


After all the internal reflection and practice of key skills throughout this experience, we've reached the point where we're applying what's been learned to instances in our own lives.


Restoring Relationships and Repairing Harm pt. 2

Live session link:
Day 8: Restoring Relationships and Repairing Harm Pt. 2


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