"Restoring Relationships & Repairing Harm” workshop series (March 7, 14, 21, 28)

"Restoring Relationships & Repairing Harm” workshop series (March 7, 14, 21, 28)

*Limit 25 participants*

The "Restoring Relationships & Repairing Harm” workshop series is the culmination of our "Responsive Restorative Practices Deep Dives". It is a blend of weekly 3-hour live workshops and asynchronous pre-session learning (shared weekly).

Live sessions will be Sundays from 9am-12pm Pacific Time. March 7, 14, 21, 28

Pricing: We want to make this learning accessible to everyone so, we ask that you give what you can according to your income level, access to institutional funding, and privilege that comes with the intersections of your identity. When you give more, it subsidizes the registration fees of people with more limited financial means. By more equitably sharing the financial responsibility, this can be both financially accessible and financially sustainable for us all.

  • $450 - Sponsorship
  • $350 - Individual - payment plan available
  • $225 - Subsidized - payment plan available

If you need to invoice your organization please contact us at amplifyrj@gmail.com.  

Participants will start to build habits of the Responsive Restorative Practices such as: 

  • Using Restorative Communication Practices
    • Affective language, "I-statements", etc.
  • Preparation for a Restorative Process
    • "Iceberg, Ripples, & Agreements"
  • Facilitating a Restorative Conversation between yourself and others.
  • Facilitating a Restorative Conversations between multiple parties.

5 Modules

Who are you?

Restorative Communication

Day 1!

You've made it to the first day! Here's the zoom link to our first session together:

Week 1: Restorative Communication


If you missed it, here's what we covered:
Everyone created Empowerment Statements
They then practiced some key components of restorative communication with one another (which can be seen in the recording).
Finally, everyone participated in the Jamboard of Judgements, where we got real about some of the labels, stereotypes, and biases around race.

If you'd like to watch the full recording, click this link.

Preparation For a Restorative Process

Workshop Link:
Week 2: Preparation for a Restorative Process


For this session, the activities we worked on had to do with:
Turning Evaluative Statements into Observations
Creating "I- Statements"
and Boundaries

If you missed it or would like to re-watch, here's the recording!

Restorative Conversations Pt. 1

Workshop Link:
Week 3: Restorative Conversation pt. 1


This session was mostly about practice, Practice, PRACTICE!

If you missed here, here's the recording!

Restorative Conversations Pt. 2

Workshop Link:
Week 4: Restorative Conversation pt. 2


It was our final session together! WAH! But it was such a beautiful session with lots of space holding, compassion, honest feedback, and deep connection. Thank you for putting so much effort forward! It has been an honor and a blessing to be a part of your learning.

Here's the full replay!

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