Intro to RJ (Racial & Restorative Justice) for Educators: Online Course

"Intro to RJ" for Educators is a fully asynchronous online offering from Amplify RJ teaching the basics about the intersection of Racial & Restorative Justice. You can't learn everything about Racial & Restorative Justice through watching videos and reading, but our hope is that this course plants a seed, and you'll continue your growth in this work so we can build the movement that our communities need. 

First module is available for free as a preview.

(if you want to purchase this course for a group of 15+ please contact us at

After engaging in the 60+ minutes of video content, reading materials, and other resources you will:

  • Acknowledge the indigenous roots of this work & the intentional erasure & disconnection from those roots.
  • Examine how White Supremacy Culture harms all people by disconnecting us from ourselves & each other
  • Explain the basics of the Restorative Process: What happened? Who’s impacted & how? What needs must be addressed in order to make it as right as possible?
  • Acknowledge this work is about collaboratively building, maintaining, & repairing relationships
  • Respond to the needs of everyone impacted by a situation when working to repair harm
  • Reflect on & create actionable steps to fight for equity, dismantle systems of oppression/control & change individual behaviors that allow those systems to continue in classrooms and beyond.
  • Integrate Restorative & Anti-Racist values into life long, internal, & external work.
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